Sharing (private) data with others

This section is about dataset sharing. Whether you are working with private or public datasets, DCOR offers you several ways of sharing datasets.

Permission system

When uploading a dataset, you have the choice of public and private datasets. Public datasets can be accessed by anyone. Private datasets can only be accessed by members of the DCOR circle they were uploaded to. You can also create DCOR collections, which may contain datasets that belong to different circles. Every member of that collection has access to the private datasets therein.

Circles: Sharing with colleagues

DCOR circles are used to create, manage and publish datasets. A circle comprises one or more users who are part of the same company, organization, research group, or laboratory. Every user can create circles and add other users to them. Users can have different roles within a circle, depending on their level of authorization to create, edit, and publish. All members of a circle have access to the private datasets of that circle.

Collections: Sharing for collaborators

You can use DCOR collections to create and manage selections of datasets. This could be to catalog datasets for a particular project or team, or on a particular theme, or as a very simple way to help people find and search your own published datasets. You can also use Collections to share private datasets with other users. All members of a collection have access to the private datasets in that collection.

Datasets: Simple sharing

It is also possible to share individual datasets with other users.