Frequently Asked Questions

How DCOR handles data

For every DC file that you upload, DCOR performs the following tasks in the background:

  • Generate a condensed version of the original data. This computationally expensive task is necessary to provide fast access to ancillary features, such as volume or principal inertia ratio, to Shape-Out 2 or dclab via the DCOR API. It also allows you to only upload the data you actually recorded (without any disadvantages).
  • Generate a preview image and extract the configuration for visualization of the data in the web interface.
  • The original file you uploaded is not changed. You can verify that the uploaded file is identical to the original file on your hard disk by comparing their sha256 sums. The sha256 sum is listed on each resource page under Additional Information.

Please note that, due to this data processing, it may take a few minutes until the preview is visible and the ancillary features are available via the DCOR API.